He knows me better than I know myself.

How mighty and omniscient He is. Its humbling. I sit and think of how well He knows me. When He speaks to me, I’m taken aback at some of the things He says to me. “You know that about me? How did you…?” And I’m quickly reminded He knows me better than I know myself. It kind of catches me off gaurd for a second. He knows my inner most thoughts, my dreams, my hopes, my heart. He knew me even as I was being formed in my mother’s womb. (Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:13) I love this about Him. It comforts me when I need Him most.

How quickly I forget how well He knows me. Yet when I am reminded, my thoughts turn to Him and how well He knows what is best for me. It is then my heart changes and I become eager to serve Him, desiring to please Him and hungry to obey Him. ❤